Green Culture is not just a designer brand but a lifestyle, a full service pack which is dealing with a healthy lifestyle and a fledged style.

Our basic aim is to form our visitors’ approach with different presentations (lifestyle counselor, mental health, healthy eating) and 1-2 days, or even a full weekend holding trainings (lifestyle, style, and communication protocol). Every month we organize self-confidence increasing, converting photo shoots for ladies, from where our guests leave pleased energized with feminine energies.

After all, the world is that kind of we do it. We attach great importance to make our personal inner world more beautiful and better. We believe that if we live in inner and outer harmony with ourselves, we can be happier and more successful. To do this, we, the Green Culture team know all ingredients, and can share them with our training participants.

Types of training:

- Style training - dr. Krisztina Szabó designer-stylist

- Communication training – Norbert Papp and Ottó Rédei trainers

- Lifestyle training - Szentgyörgyi Romeó, World and European Champion and Life Coach

- Training protocol - Simon Edina