Individual photographing

The special feature of our shooting is it smuggles back the atmosphere of old times, when a family or personal photography was a special occasions. All of us were preparing carefully such an eternal experience. But it has disappeared with digital age.

We, however, believe that kind of intensive photography is not only a beautiful memory, but also a perfect gift for both the subject of photographing, and all people who receive the magazine-quality photos as a gift.

Green Team Culture gives lifelong experience those ladies and families who visite our showroom.

In how and what our shoots more professional and better than the photo taken at home?

Professional technical background (lighting, backgrounds etc), careful post-production of photos, professional staff (makeup artists, hair stylists), professional help of Green Culture stylist-designer  (how and what to wear) as well as her own designed, varied style (from sporty to elegant) of GC clothes can all guarantee the perfect result.

In our programmes ladies of all ages and physiques eager to participate.

Family photographing

The real essence of family photographing is that the family can stand together in front of the camera. You do not have to deal with photography!

Usual required group photos and settings will be caught player moments and nice details, so really hectic series of photographs are composed.

We support harmonizing clothing, which emphasize the unity of family. Uniformly, not yet equally. The style should be the same: equally elegant and equally sporty. Should harmonize the colours, but you do not have to become a monochrome, it is rather boring. Thus, on photos we can accentuate the individuality of each family member but also emphasis on togetherness.